This is our signature oil change service. First we visually inspect your vehicle for anything that looks out of the ordinary: we inspect for leaks, worn suspension bushings, abnormally worn tires ( to find steering alignment and suspension issues). we check engine and cabin air filters, we look at maintenance records and the manufacturers suggested intervals. Fluids are checked and topped off as needed. We drain and refill your engines oil with the factory specified standard and grade of oil, we replace the engine oil filter, reset the maintenance light if the vehicle has one and place a reminder sticker on the windshield.

Premium oil flush service

First an additive is placed into the engine oil (Crankcase), the vehicle is then run to allow the additive to circulate through the system. This additive made by BG products is meant to help with fuel efficiency and restore power by cleaning micro passageways in gasoline direct injection engines, Clean stubborn oil deposits and prolong spark plug life. This service is backed by the BG lifetime protection plan.

Fuel Injection Service

Our Fuel Injection service begins with a fuel pressure check to make sure your vehicles fuel system has the pressure specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Then a simple inspection of the throttle valve and throttle body bore for carbon build up. A cleaning of the intake system is performed using BG products air induction service kit. Then a fuel injector cleaner is added to the fuel tank to help clean harmful deposits from injector nozzles that can effect gas mileage and cylinder efficiency. This service is also backed by the BG lifetime protection plan.

Transmission Flush Service
Our Transmission Flush service begins with the use of BG Products Quick Clean added to the transmission of your vehicle, then a flushing machine is attached to the transmission cooler lines. The machine uses the vehicles transmission to pump new fluid in while the old fluid is pumped out. When this process is finished we add BG ATC Plus which is an automatic transmission conditioner. This helps to prolong the life of your transmission and preserve internal components.

Brake inspection and service

First we may drive your vehicle to inspect for any abnormal noises. We then will lift your vehicle in the air and remove the wheels. We inspect the linings, for abnormal wear and their thickness. If they warrant any attention we will notify the customer of any anomalies and suggest repairs that may need to be performed. If the vehicle is equipped with drum brakes then we may suggest an adjustment of the shoe linings. We then inspect the master cylinder for any signs of leaks. We test the condition of the brake fluid and if needed we suggest a flush of the system to rid the brake hydraulic system of any contaminants in the fluid.

Suspension inspection service

We lift the vehicle in the air and inspect every component of the suspension: Shocks, Struts, ball joints, tie rods and bushings. The suspension of your vehicle is very important for ride quality and safety. Because of this we inspect the tires of your vehicle for abnormal wear. If we see signs of abnormalities we will suggest a service or repair from the evidence we see.

Engine Performance

We believe that every vehicle should operate as optimally as possible. If your Vehicle experiences symptoms that may not be normal then we will inspect for possible causes. Many times the engine control module will test for failures in sensors, if the computer sees a fault in any of the sensors parameters it will illuminate the check engine light. The Computer can be read by our Diagnostic computer and a fault code will be shown. That fault code will give us a particular system of the engine to test. Once we test that system we can arrive at a prognosis of repair.